Case # Case Name Final Approval Date Dismissal of Last Appeal
16-cv-00768 Knapp v. 08/22/2017 N/A
16-cv-07102 Ma v. Harmless Harvest ongoing N/A
13-cv-03417 Gray v. BMW North America 08/24/2017 N/A
13-md-02439 In re Subway Footlong Sandwich Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation 02/25/2016 ongoing
14-cv-02411 Kumar v. Salov North America 07/07/2017 N/A
13-cv-05996 Campbell v. Facebook ongoing N/A
16-cv-21147 Dorado v. Bank of America 03/23/2017 ongoing
15-cv-81487 Wood v. J Choo USA ongoing N/A
08-cv-04825 Alin v. Honda Motor Company 04/13/2012 05/18/2012
14-cv-80005 Klacko v. Diamond Foods 07/20/2015 N/A
16-cv-01346 Birbrower v. Quorn Foods ongoing N/A
14-cv-03224 Bodnar v. Bank of America 08/04/2016 08/31/2016
07-cv-09227 Rodriguez v. It's Just Lunch International N/A N/A
15-cv-03194 Jeffrey A. Thomas v. Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp ongoing N/A
12-cv-01118 Steinfeld v. Discover Financial Services 03/31/2014 N/A
15-cv-00724 Mehigan v. Ascena Retail Group 07/29/2016 ongoing
12-cv-03704 Garber v. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball 04/27/2016 07/14/2016
11-cv-01733 Chambers v. Whirlpool Corporation 10/11/2016 ongoing
13-cv-02213 Morales v. Unilever United States 10/18/2016 ongoing
10-cv-01610 In re Apple iPhone/iPod Warranty Litigation 05/08/2014 07/17/2014