Steinfeld v. Discover Financial Services

Case # 12-cv-01118
Case Name Steinfeld v. Discover Financial Services
Jurisdiction US District Court for N.D. CA

Plaintiffs allege that Defendant, Discover Financial Services, made pre-recorded phone calls to consumers' phones without their express consent.  These calls were made in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Final Approval Date 03/31/2014
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. All remaining objections were overruled.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
Attachments Docket Report.pdf
First Amended Class Action Complaint.pdf
Preliminary Approval Order.pdf
Plaintiffs' Response to Objections.pdf
Defendants' Response to Objections.pdf
Final Approval Order.pdf
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Objection of Gary W. Sibley

Objectors Gary W. Sibley
Signers Gary W. Sibley
  1. Class definition is insufficient.
  2. Class representatives are inadequate.
  3. Monetary relief is insufficient.
  4. Attorneys' fees are excessive.
Attachments Objection of Gary W. Sibley.pdf
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Objection of Deliris Palmer

Objectors Deliris Palmer
Signers Jan L. Westfall
Attorneys Jan L. Westfall
  1. Monetary relief is inadequate.
  2. Notice is inadequate.
    • Does not disclose class member rights under the TCPA.
    • Does not include complete instructions for objecting.
  3. Settlement is premature and unfair to the class.
  4. Attorneys' fees are excessive.
  5. Class counsel is insufficient, given issues with previous settlements.

NOTE:  This objection was voluntarily withdrawn.

Attachments Objection of Deliris Palmer.pdf
Withdrawal of Palmer Objection.pdf
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Objection of Michael James Barton

Objectors Michael James Barton
Signers Theodore H. Frank
Attorneys Theodore H. Frank
  1. Attorneys' fees are excessive and rely on an incorrect valuation of the class benefit.
    • Valuation improperly includes class administration costs.
    • Valuation improperly includes money that Defendant will use to service derelict accounts.
  2. Cy pres recipient is not properly disclosed.
  3. Actual benefit to the class is unknown.
  4. Class representative awards are excessive.
  5. Class notice is deficient, since some class members only received notice two days before the objection deadline.

Following assurances that settlement funds would not revert to the Defendant for delinquent account service, Objector Barton withdrew his objection.

Attachments Objection of Michael James Barton.pdf
Frank Appearance for Objector Barton.pdf
Renewed Objection of Michael James Barton.pdf
Plaintiffs' Response to Renewed Objection of Michael James Barton.pdf
Frank Email and Barton Declaration.pdf
Withdrawal of Barton Objection.pdf
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