Garrett Kacsuta v. Lenovo (United States)

Case # 13-cv-00316
Case Name Garrett Kacsuta v. Lenovo (United States)
Jurisdiction US District Court for C.D. CA

Lenovo began retaining their "U Series" laptops in the United States in June 2012. They did so, despite knowing that the laptops had a design flaw that rendered them unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Lenovo did offer "fixes" to this problem, which ultimately proved to be ineffective. Plaintiffs seek relief for the harm caused by Defendant knowingly retailing a defective product.

Final Approval Date 12/16/2014
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. All objections overruled.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
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Preliminary Approval.pdf
Defendant's Response to Objections.pdf
Final Approval.pdf
Docket Report.pdf
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Objection of Weiwei Wu

Objectors Weiwei Wu
Signers Weiwei Wu
Attorneys Weiwei Wu
  1. Objector wishes returning a laptop for a full refund was a settlement option.
Attachments Objection of Weiwei Wu.pdf
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Objection of Douglas Quinn

Objectors Douglas Quinn
Signers Timothy R. Hanigan
Attorneys Timothy R. Hanigan
Christopher A. Bandas
  1. Claims process is unfairly burdensome for class members.
  2. Claims period is too short.
  3. Attorneys' fees are excessive and improperly calculated.

NOTE: Objector Quinn admits in his objection that his computer was purchased for the sole purpose of objecting to the settlement.

Attachments Objection of Douglas Quinn.pdf
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