Montanez v. Gerber Childrenswear

Case # 09-cv-07420
Case Name Montanez v. Gerber Childrenswear
Jurisdiction US District Court for C.D. CA

Gerber branded childrens' clothing contained potentially toxic chemicals, capable of causing developmental issues or severe skin irritations. These chemicals were found in the "tagless" labels attached to the clothing. Gerber did not disclose that their clothing contained these chemicals, despite having knowledge that they did.

Final Approval Date 10/23/2013
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. Objection was overruled. 3.Objector Morgan (through Attorneys Hanigan and Bandas) appealed the Final Approval.
  3. Appeal was voluntarily dismissed, on the day the appeal brief was due.
Dismissal of Last Appeal 06/04/2014
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Final Approval.pdf
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Objection of Gabi Canales Morgan

Objectors Gabi Canales Morgan
Signers Gabi Canales Morgan
Attorneys Timothy R. Hanigan
Christopher A. Bandas
  1. Sufficient information is not available to determine if attorneys' fees are excessive.
  2. Attorneys' fees are excessive.
  3. Certain class members will receive insufficient relief, through replacement childrens' clothing.
  4. Release is overbroad.

NOTE: Attorneys Hanigan and Bandas appeared for the Appeal. The Objection was filed pro se.

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