Saltzman v. Pella Corporation

Case # 06-cv-04481
Case Name Saltzman v. Pella Corporation
Jurisdiction US District Court for N.D. IL
Final Approval Date 04/24/2013
Dismissal of Last Appeal 07/28/2014
Attachments Docket Report.pdf
Third Amended Class Action Complaint.pdf
Preliminary Approval.pdf
Final Approval.pdf
Award of Attorneys Fees.pdf
Motion for Appeal Bond.pdf
Appellate Judgment.pdf
Appeal Docket.pdf
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Objection of Lyle Schulte

Objectors Lyle Schulte
Signers Hall Adams
Attorneys Hall Adams
John J. Pentz
Attachments Objection of Lyle Schulte.pdf
Pentz Appearance for Lyle Schulte.pdf
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Objection of Kent Eubanks, Thomas Riva, William Ehorn, Nancy Ehorn

Objectors Kent Eubanks
Thomas Riva
William Ehorn
Nancy Ehorn
Signers David Oppenheim
Attorneys David Oppenheim
Attachments Objection of Eubank et al.pdf
Appeal of Eubank Objectors.pdf
Opposition of Eubank Objector to Appeal Bond.pdf
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Objection of Michael J. Schulz

Objectors Michael J. Schulz
Signers Peter F. Higgins
Attorneys Peter F. Higgins
Christopher A. Bandas
Theodore H. Frank

NOTE: The appeal was initially filed on behalf of Bradley Schulz, later amended to Michael Schulz, due to scrivener's error.

NOTE: Theodore Frank filed his appearance on the appeal.

Attachments Objection of Michael J. Schulz.pdf
Bandas Appearance for Objector Schulz.pdf
Appeal of Schulz Objector.pdf
Amended Appeal of Schulz Objector.pdf
Opposition of Schulz Objector to Appeal Bond.pdf
Frank Appearance for Objector Schulz.pdf
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Objection of Dave Thomas

Objectors Dave Thomas
Signers Joseph Darrell Palmer
Attorneys Joseph Darrell Palmer

NOTE: Appeal was dismissed for failure to file appellate documents.

Attachments Objection of Dave Thomas.pdf
Appeal of Thomas Objector.pdf
Opposition of Thomas Objector to Appeal Bond.pdf
Dismissal of Thomas Appeal.pdf
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Objection of Ron Pickering

Objectors Ron Pickering
Signers John J. Pentz
Attorneys John J. Pentz
Hall Adams
Attachments Objection of Ron Pickering.pdf
Appeal of Pickering Objector.pdf
Opposition of Pickering Objector to Appeal Bond.pdf
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