In re Royal Ahold N.V. Securities

Case # 03-md-01539
Case Name In re Royal Ahold N.V. Securities
Jurisdiction US District Court for MD

Plaintiffs allege that Defendants fraudulently reported financial records, with the goal of overstating their market performance. These fraudulent reports defrauded investors who purchased securities, believing in the Defendants' financial disclosures. These disclosures involved the performance of Royal Ahold's United States subsidy: US Foodservice. 

Final Approval Date 06/21/2006
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. At the Fairness Hearing, Judge Blake had strong words in regards to the objection filed by John J. Pentz, purportedly on behalf of Linda Tsai.

"Having heard now from Mr. Pentz, I would say on behalf of Ms. Tsai, but frankly, I think its more on behalf of himself, it seems to me that he has introduced what I could readily call a FRIVOLOUS OBJECTION at a very late stage in this case. I would note that what his objection was as presented here today...was certainly different from what Ms. Tsai actually presented in her pro se objection, and I think it's interesting that Mr. Pentz contacted her and essentially HIGH-JACKED HER OBJECTION FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES. His comments, as well as his written objection REFLECT A SUBSTANTIAL LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of the record of this case...Ultimately, he offers absolutely nothing more than speculation that a better settlement could have been obtained for Ms. Tsai...There is SIMPLY NO PRACTICAL OR LOGICAL believe that would have happened...I see no basis for the objection expressed by Mr. Pentz on behalf of Ms. Tsai to upset this settlement in any way. [emphasis added]" (See Transcript, pages 58-60)

Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
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Objection of Linda Tsai

Objectors Linda Tsai
Signers Linda Tsai
John J. Pentz
Attorneys John J. Pentz

NOTE: Objector Tsai initially submitted a pro se objection. John J. Pentz filed an appearance on her behalf and submitted a second objection. They are discussed separately below.

PRO SE OBJECTION 1. Relief to class members is inadequate in relation to the damages suffered.

PENTZ OBJECTION 1. Court has no jurisdiction over foreign shareholders. 2. Attorneys' fees are excessive.

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