Lee v. Enterprise Leasing Company-West, LLC

Case # 10-cv-00326
Case Name Lee v. Enterprise Leasing Company-West, LLC
Jurisdiction US District Court for NV

Lawsuit was brought on behalf of those who were improperly charged an "airport concession fee" by Enterprise, Alamo, and National for cars rented at the Las Vegas and Reno-Tahoe International Airports.  That these fees were unbundled from the rental cost of the car was unlawful.

Final Approval Date 05/15/2015
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. All objections were overruled.
    • The Court found that this was not a coupon settlement, since class members had the option to receive cash compensation.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
Attachments Docket Report.pdf
Second Amended Class Action Complaint.pdf
Preliminary Approval Order.pdf
Plaintiff's Response to Objections.pdf
Defendant's Response to Objections.pdf
Final Approval Order.pdf
Final Judgment and Order.pdf
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Objection of William Andrews

Objectors William Andrews
Signers Melissa Holyoak
Attorneys Melissa Holyoak
Robert W. DeLong
  1. Settlement merely provides "coupons", which serve to benefit the Defendant.
  2. Attorneys' fees are excessive and show signs of self-dealing.
    • Fees should be tied to the actual recovery of the class. 
Attachments Objection of William Andrews.pdf
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