Dobina v. Weatherford International

Case # 11-cv-01646
Case Name Dobina v. Weatherford International
Jurisdiction US District Court for S.D. NY

Plaintiffs allege that Defendants mislead investors by misrepresenting Weatherford's "net income, net earnings, effective income tax rate, and other key financial information." (Complaint, ¶3).  By producing this misleading information, Defendants were able to artificially inflate Weatherford's stock price, creating a windfall for the Company and for Company Executives.

Final Approval Date 01/05/2015
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. All objections were overruled.
  3. Objector Brown (pro se) appealed the Final Approval.
  4. Objector Brown's appeal was dismissed for failure to timely file the Transcript Information form.
Dismissal of Last Appeal 05/20/2015
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Memorandum and Order.pdf
Final Judgment and Order.pdf
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Objection of Jeff M. Brown

Objectors Jeff M. Brown
Signers Jeff M. Brown
  1. Attorneys' fees are improperly calculated.
  2. Cy pres recipients are compensated, at the expense of members of the class.
  3. Settlement terms favor class counsel and class representatives over the class.

NOTE:  Appeal of Objector Brown was dismissed for his failure to timely file Form D-P (Civil Appeal Transcript Information).

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