Davitt v. Honda North America

Case # 13-cv-00381
Case Name Davitt v. Honda North America
Jurisdiction US District Court for NJ

Plaintiffs allege that Defendant's CR-V vehicles had a known defect in their door locking mechanisms.  This defect caused the doors to not lock and unlock as expected.  Despite being aware of the defect in the design, the Defendants did not reveal the existence of the defect, nor did they repair the defect without charging the customer.  Instead, Honda referred to this defect as a "maintenance" or "wear" item, not subject to warranty protection.

Final Approval Date 05/08/2015
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. Predicated on his past behavior, the Court imposed a $2,500 appeal bond on Objector Narkin as a condition of filing an appeal.
  3. Objector Narkin did not appeal the Final Approval.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
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Objection of Michael Narkin

Objectors Michael Narkin
Signers Michael Narkin
  1. Settlement does not bear any relationship to damages suffered.
  2. Class Counsel is improperly using a protective order to prevent class members from reviewing the discovery files.
  3. Attorneys' fees are excessive.
  4. Settlement does not protect the interests of sub-class members who may have unrelated claims.
  5. Settlement attempts to scare off objectors by requiring depositions and disclosure of past objections.

The Court preemtively required Objector Narkin, based on his objection history and supported by the Affidavit of Class Counsel, to post a $2,500 bond as a condition of filing an appeal.  Objector Narkin did not appeal the Final Approval.

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Order Imposing Appeal Bond on Objector Narkin.pdf
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