Klacko v. Diamond Foods

Case # 14-cv-80005
Case Name Klacko v. Diamond Foods
Jurisdiction US District Court for S.D. FL

Defendants retail chips under the brand name "Kettle."  These chips are prominently advertised as being "all natural"; however, they commonly contain artificial ingredients including maltodextrin and dextrose.  As a result of this misleading advertising, consumers purchased products they would not otherwise and paid a premium, believing the products contained no artificial ingredients.

Final Approval Date 07/20/2015
  1. Final Approval granted.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
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Objection of Dawn Weaver

Objectors Dawn Weaver
Signers Dawn Weaver
  1. Relief available to class members is insufficient.
  2. Notice plan is insufficient.
  3. Cy pres product distributions do not benefit the class, do not further the purpose of the litigation, and do not further the objectives of the charitable organization involved.
  4. Attorneys' fees are excessive.

NOTE:  This objection was voluntarily withdrawn two weeks after it was filed.

NOTE:  Dawn Weaver is frequently represented by Joseph Darrell Palmer in her objections, though he did not appear in this case.

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