Vincent v. People Against Dirty

Case # 16-cv-06936
Case Name Vincent v. People Against Dirty
Jurisdiction US District Court for S.D. NY

Defendants retail cleaning supplies containing "natural, clean, safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and naturally derived  ingredients." (Complaint, page 1).  These descriptors feature prominently in Defendant's marketing and labeling.  However, Plaintiffs allege that the products in question contain numerous ingredients that do not fit this characterization.  As a result, consumers were deceived into purchasing products they would not have otherwise.

Final Approval Date 06/20/2017
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. The Hammack objection was overruled in its entirety.
  3. The Court also noted "that many of Ms. Hammack's objections arguments do not even apply to this settlement and are irrelevant." (Final Approval Order at 14)
  4. Objector Hammack appealed the Final Approval.
  5. The Hammack appeal was voluntarily dismissed.
Dismissal of Last Appeal 08/29/2017
Attachments Docket Report.pdf
Second Amended Class Action Complaint.pdf
Preliminary Approval Order.pdf
Plaintiff's Response to Hammack Objection.pdf
Final Approval Order.pdf
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Objection of Ashley Hammack

Objectors Ashley Hammack
Signers Ashley Hammack
David Sibek
Attorneys David Sibek
Stephen D. Field
  1. Compensation for class members is inadequate.
  2. Notice is ineffective.
  3. Residual funds should be directed to class members.
  4. Cy pres recipients are unsuitable.
  5. Coupon provisions are not sufficiently vetted.
  6. Attorneys' fees are excessive.
  7. Settlement shows signs of self-dealing.

NOTE:  Attorney Field filed his appearance on the appeal.

Attachments Objection of Ashley Hammack.pdf
Sibek Appearance for Objector Hammack.pdf
Appeal of Objector Hammack.pdf
Field Appearance for Objector-Appellant Hammack.pdf
Dismissal of Hammack Appeal.pdf
Hammack Appeal Docket.pdf
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