In re Domestic Airline Travel Antitrust Litigation

Case # 15-mc-01404
Case Name In re Domestic Airline Travel Antitrust Litigation
Jurisdiction US District Court for DC

Industry consolidation has decreased the number of air carriers in the United States domestic market.  Plaintiffs allege that the four major air carriers, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, conspire to artificially increase the price of airfare.  As a result of these anti-competitive practices, consumers are forced to pay more than they would in a truly competitive market.

Final Approval Date ongoing
  1. Case is ongoing.
  2. Final Approval hearing set for March 22, 2019.
Dismissal of Last Appeal N/A
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Objection of Theodore H. Frank, M. Frank Bednarz

Objectors Theodore H. Frank
M. Frank Bednarz
Signers Theodore H. Frank
Attorneys Theodore H. Frank
  1. Settlement leaves open the possibility that all monetary relief will go to undisclosed cy pres recipients.
  2. Cy pres provisions are not fully articulated.
  3. Attorneys' fees are divorced from actual recovery by the class.
  4. Attorneys may be compensated for undisclosed future expenses.
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