In re Uber FCRA Litigation

Case # 14-cv-05200
Case Name In re Uber FCRA Litigation
Jurisdiction US District Court for N.D. CA

Federal and state background check laws impose numerous requirements for the use of consumer background reports, including receiving consent from consumers prior to obtaining such a report and making a copy of the report available prior to taking averse actions.  Plaintiffs allege that Defendant repeatedly violated these regulations when dealing with employees and prospective employees.

Final Approval Date 05/11/2018
  1. Final Approval granted.
  2. All objections were overruled.
  3. Objector Gussoin (along with another objecting party) appealed the Final Approval.
  4. The Gussoin appeal was dismissed for failure to prosecute (failure to file opening brief).
Dismissal of Last Appeal 10/19/2018
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Preliminary Approval Order.pdf
Plaintiffs' Response to Objections.pdf
Final Approval Order.pdf
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Objection of Christine Gussoin

Objectors Christine Gussoin
Signers Christine Gussoin
Michael F. Creamer
Attorneys Michael F. Creamer
  1. Cy pres provisions are improper.
  2. Release is overbroad.
  3. Attorneys' fees are excessive and should be tied to the actual recovery by the class.
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Dismissal of Gussoin Appeal.pdf
Gussoin Appeal Docket.pdf
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